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Simple tailor-made prices

Transparency, efficiency and honesty is our concept and what our prices are based on. We personalise each offer and always consult you as a client before recommending the best price. Therefore we urge you to contact us with any question and inquires so we can talk them through.


1 hour
Price 75€
All Plan benefits incl.

Time saver

save over 30%

15 Hours incl.
Price 750€
All Plan benefits incl.

Time saver

save over 45%

50 Hours incl.
Price 2000€
All Plan benefits incl.

Plan benefits

* comes with an additional charge

Relocation Packages

All our relocation prices are personalised to accommodate each individual request. You will get exactly what you need, without having to add extra options or purchase a plan that have unnecessary offerings to your relocation. We make it all about you and the price will reflect this.


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