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Spain, the sustainable tourism model

The tourism industry is the biggest contributor to Spain’s worldwide reputation - offering lucrative opportunities for international companies that are looking to invest in an ever growing industry.

Tourism & Travel

To create a sustainable industry out of tourism, quality is indispensable. Spain is committed to further its position as one of the world most attractive locations for tourism investments.

The Spanish “Horizon 2020” Tourism Plan is currently in force, and has the following objectives: (i) to increase the social and economic benefits of tourism; (ii) to achieve a social/territorial rebalance which boosts the tourist business at new destinations; and (iii) to improve the quality of the national and cultural environment by reducing the potentially negative impact of the tourist business.

Due to its diverse landscape, monumental cities, archaeology and history, tourism as a whole is on the rise. But another option for investors keen to participate in Spain’s booming tourism industry are sub-sectors like food, wine and agrotourism, which have been highly developed over the last few years.


  • Access a mature tourism industry.
  • Benefit from government support, funds and programs.
  • Be part of a highly adaptable and trendsetting sector
  • Benefit from Spain’s worldwide reputation
  • Develop test products and models in close collaboration with existing players.
  • Become part of a growing cluster.
€142 BN

Spain bets on the tourism industry

To boost the competitiveness of tourist enterprises and destinations, Spain has started different programs to encourage investors such as the Plan Nacional Integral de Turismo (PNIT)  under which the following financing programs have been implemented:

  • “Emprendetur” Young Entrepreneurs, aimed at financing projects and business models which comply with the objectives of the PNIT and with certain areas of scientific and technological knowledge of the tourist industry (energy and sustainability, CIT, materials and construction, etc.)
  • “Emprendetur” International, aimed at opening new international tourist markets, increasing or bolstering existing markets and the export to other countries of Spanish tourist-related products or services.
  • “Emprendetur” R&D and TI Program, aimed at financing projects and business models specifically targeted at strengthening the innovative potential and competitiveness of companies in the tourist industry.


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