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The leading country for new health solutions

Spain is a leading location for life science companies due to its health industry, biotechnology sector and established pharmaceutical industry all aided by government funds and programs.

Life Science

Spain is respected international for its diverse health industry, and provides one of the worlds strongest life sciences clusters. The key to the success is the close interaction between public and private stakeholders across science, education and regulatory affairs.

A strong political focus on the area has established the best possible framework conditions for research and development.

World-class network of medical institutions, hospitals, research centres, biotech startups and pharma companies has turned Spain into a leading life sciences hub and attract many strong industry players. Some of the national providers are Boehringer Ingelheim, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Novartis or Roche, to mention just a few.


  • Be part of a collaborative business environment with strong links between industry players, universities and hospitals.
  • Have access to profound knowledge of the three main building blocks of the medical technology industry: medtech design, engineering and clinical competence.
  • Have a strategic location near producers of leading, internationally recognised products.
  • Be part of a strong tradition for close public-private partnerships. Hospitals, regions and municipalities are open to cooperation with Spanish and international companies.
  • Have easy and effective recruitment of study participants.
  • Be in a country at the forefront of pharmaceutical R&D and exports.
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Europe's best test market

A few examples:

  • Spain is 10th world scientific power and 5th by scientific production in the EU15.
  • Integrated healthcare system: Spain has an extensive network of 800 hospitals, both public and private, backed by leading-edge research centres. The system is ideal for translational medicine and discovering new drugs and advanced therapies.
  • Consolidation of biotechnology sector and established pharmaceutical industry: Biotech companies are growing faster here than in other countries and pharma industry is leader in R+D spending in Spain.
  • Government support: the Spanish government offers low-interest credits and incentives during the start-up and growth phases of life science companies.
  • Highly qualified workforce: in some areas of Spain the percentage of workers with post-graduate studies is higher than the European average. There is a surplus of talent for competitive and innovative projects.


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