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Europe's Silicon Valley

Big Data, Cybersecurity, Fintech, IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Ultra-fast networks Spain has it all. Add technology parks, Spain's answer to "Silicon Valley", and circumstances are perfect for tech companies.


The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector grows significant more important year to year and is an integrated part of every modern society. The direct impact has for years been visible and calculable in productivity, competitiveness, and advantages of today’s economy.

The development of the ICT sector continues here, as Spain, who compared to its European peers still have significant manufacturing and agricultural industries, becomes a bigger player in the service industry. In the past years Spain has overtaken many partnering countries with new initiatives, especially its technology parks which get their inspiration from Silicon Valley have attracted big corporations.

The successive plans and strategies have implied the general consciousness of the Spanish society that no development is possible without taking into consideration ICT as the fundamental tool.

Immersed in the European Community, Spain has progressively transposed all European guidelines emitted, frequently ahead of time, and today offers a business environment homogeneous with its community partners and, with its leadership, it leads strategic projects included in the European Digital Agenda.


  • Enjoy the commitment of Spain and its EC partners defined by the European Digital Agenda.
  • Have potential national clients. The existing demand for ICT products and services is mature, but with a high growth expectancy in many areas.
  • Be part of a maturity in technology- and commercial practices, with highly developed local service providers that can act as a catalyst.
  • Benefit from experience in exporting services, opening interesting collaboration opportunities to reach new markets (European Union, North of Africa and Latin America), with Spanish multinationals already well established in those regions.
  • Have the ability to scale through Latin American resources.
  • Take advantage of modern transport and telecommunication infrastructures, coupled with an extensive network of Scientific and Technology Parks and Higher Education Centres.
  • Have strong Government support, through specific sector plans, to all activities aimed at fostering the development of the Information Society.
€109 BN

Smart cities, IoT, Big data and much more

Spain is in a favorable position as one of Europe’s largest economies and with a very big unfulfilled potential. The multiple initiatives around the country perfectly shows the ambition level.

A few examples:

  • In response to the challenge of the more efficient use of energy in modern economies, Spain take part in “Smart Grids” challenge in line with the Europe 2020 strategy proposes, known as 20-20-20.
  • Barcelona, No. 1 Smart City in the world in 2015, as ranked by Juniper Research, also gaining widespread international recognition by organizing the annual Smart City Expo World Congress, which is an event of worldwide reference with more than 11,000 attendees from 400 cities who study and analyse the future of cities.
  • Valencia is the first completely connected city via the Intelligent Platform Valencia City, with efficient infrastructure for telecommunications, gas, transport, emergency services and security, public facilities, environment, cleaning, waste collection, street lighting, towing, gardening and meteorology.
  • NEC are carrying out a pioneering project in the field of waste collection for Ascan-Geaser in Santander, which provides the service needed to analyse data in real time as a tool for decision making in managing intelligence. The project involves the deployment of a complete technology solution, including sensor technology in recycling containers to read the fill level in real time, the infrastructure necessary to collect data from sensors such communications devices shipped in pickup trucks for the management of vehicles and routes, and mobile applications to aid in the work of collecting, cleaning and maintenance of the workers in street.


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