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Spain's fastest growing industry

The chemical industry is the second largest sector in the Spanish economy, making it increasingly important to the state.  The government emphasize on the industry as it is  the biggest growth of the economy and has the largest consumption in the Eurozone.


The potential of the industry is an important attraction for investment. As such the FEIQUE (Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation) is promoting Spain as a destination for new International Chemical Projects and the dissemination of the Chemical Clusters’ offer and Services.

Two factors continue to be crucial for the future of the chemical industry: its export capacity and its pioneering leadership. In the first case, the sector is now the economy’s second-largest exporter 57.5% of its production goes to foreign markets. In the area of innovation, the chemical sector is the leader in investment and expenditure in R&D&I and also in research staff employment.

The competitive advantages offered by Spain combined with its strategic geographic location provides the country with great potential, not only on the national market, but also as a gateway towards other intensive markets. Spain is the EU country with the longest coastline, boasting 46 international ports capable of shipping goods abroad, and also has a great investment support structure and competitive labor costs. These are just some of its positive assets.

The chemical industry will undergo a great overall growth from now until 2030, at an annual growth rate of 4.5%. 


  • Have easy market access to high growth regions in Northern and Western Africa, Mediterranean Countries and Latin America. A gateway to EU chemicals market
  • Benefit from high national chemicals consumption (over €72 billion) and the largest chemical cluster in the Mediterranean
  • Enjoy Europe’s biggest (15,600 km) motorways network, 3 Trans-European rail networks and 46 seaports
  • Benefit from strong collaboration with authorities in the development of national R&D&I strategies and programs
  • Be part of the largest gas infrastructure in Europe, including seven regasification plants enabling diversity of supply
  • Have strong public support for the chemical industry, backed by a social responsibility certification programs.
€65.7 BN

Europe's best test market

Being Spain’s second largest industry provides a lot of attention and all over the country different promotions are executed.

A few examples:

  • Expoquimia International Show takes Place in Barcelona every three years. (Expoquimia is the largest forum for the chemical industry in southern Europe, playing host to 30,000 industry professionals and 500 exhibitor companies. Barcelona was once again the European capital of the chemical industry as it simultaneously held three shows Expoquimia, Eurosurfas and Equiplast.
  • Spain Ranks 2nd destination for Research & Development projects and 5th< destination for New Chemical projects of Multinationals in Europe (period 2004-2017).


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