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One of Europe's leading manufacture

Spain is one of Europe's leading manufacture of industrial vehicles and second largest of commercial. The infrastructure with emphasis on the airports and ports, gives accessibility, allowing 5 million vehicles to be transported via Spanish territory.


Spain has long ranked in the top ten of global automotive nations, with all major automotive companies having manufacturing units here. Currently 17 plants are generating a significant activity and boosting the employment numbers.

The growing number of hubs have attracted the attention of multiple suppliers and service companies such as SEAT, Volkswagen, Ford i.a. With cutting-edge innovation and an excellent regulatory framework, Spain offers favorable conditions for automotive companies from around the world.

Spanish automotive cluster consist of companies, universities, entrepreneurs and authorities in a close-knit hub. Together, they create the best possible conditions for pursing innovative solutions based on the latest technological advances.


  • Be part of the second largest automobiles manufacturing industry in Europe and the 8th worldwide.
  • Work with leading automotive brands.
  • Take advantage of 17 innovative manufacturing plants.
  • Collaborate with more than 1,500 companies manufacturing spare parts and equipment in the industry supply chain.
  • Have an export expertise with 83% of the vehicles manufactured in Spain shipped to over 100 countries.
€130 BN

A world leader with an agenda​

The Spanish automotive industry is fulled by support from the government and benefits from the industry being a fundamental part of the countries manufacturing sector. Innovation is pushing the industry forward and keeping it competitive. A few examples:
  • Spanish production plants are among the most automated in Europe, with an average of 980 robots for every 10,000 workers, and they have one of the highest rates of investment in modernization, automation and R+D+i among industrial sectors.
  • The spare parts sector invoices almost 33 billion euros, of which 60% correspond to exports. Annual investment in the sector is estimated at 2 billion euros, with extremely high investment in R+D+i, to which it dedicates 2.8% of its revenues.
  • Spain is a privileged logistical platform for exports to markets in Europe, the United States, Latin America and the countries in the north of Africa and the Mediterranean basin.
  • Spanish companies and technologies centers participate in two out of every three European mobility and electromagnetism projects, and they lead numerous initiatives in all spheres.


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