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Startup & Expansion

Start or expand your business

Every new business, regardless of upfront investment and size will have to go through certain steps. From legal matters to business planning there are many things to consider when starting up.

We help you from A to Z whether you are a start up, self employed (Autonomo), franchising, entrepreneur, small and medium business i.a.

Spain is perfect for your business

  • Low setup and overhead costs
  • Cost efficient and skilled labour force
  • Favourable environments for new businesses
  • A diversified economy that welcomes international entrepreneurs
  • An attractive life and work balance

We help your business

With the right information, the best contacts, by minimizing risk and optimizing your business. We give you one contact for everything. One contact who is always on your side.

How to set up a business in Spain

We make registering a formal company seamlessly and comfortable, by advising on the best business structure from a legal perspective.

Living and working in Spain

Spain offers a fantastic work-life balance and we enable you to prioritise the things that matter, by offering extended services to cover private needs.

Taxation in spain

Spain offers attractive flat rates for foreigners as well as a low corporate tax rate and we help you understand how you can benefit.

Find assistance for establishing your business in spain

We can provide anything through our extensive network of collaborators, who are all experts in their fields and can help your business.

Understanding the spanish labour market

The Spanish labour market is characterised by a competitive salary level and an educated work force in a European context.

Assisting your business growth in spain

With local and industry specific knowledge, and an extensive network of collaborators we can help you succeed in Spain.

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Establishing a regional headquarters offers one of the best entry points to the European and South American market, with a talented, international and highly motivated workforce.


Spain is worldwide known for high quality, ground-breaking research and development in industries such as aerospace, life science, chemical i.a. achieve your goal through innovation.

Logistics and Distribution

Spain’s well-developed highways, airport and ports are the backbone of a strong profile, that gives your logistics and distribution activities the fastest and smoothest access worldwide.

Innovation and Test

Looking for a prime location to make your business stand out? Spain is a top innovation and test market – and a frontrunner for new tech solutions with multiple technology parks.


Make Spain your production centre. The capacity and resources are available, and the country is a place at the forefront of technology in a flexible, cost-efficient and low-risk environment.


Excellent infrastructure, flexible business conditions and an internationally-minded workforce; just three of the reasons why Spain is the ideal place for your company’s service centre.


How can we help your business?

To learn more about how we can help your company become established in Spain, reach out to us.

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