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Invest in Spain

Invest in Spain

Since the recession in 2008 Spain has seen a lot of foreign portfolio investments (FPI). This is reflected in the avg. annual economic growth rate for the past 5 years which accumulates to 3 percent. Spain’s economy and population (est. 47 mil.), both Europe’s 5th largest, combined with the yearly number of tourists (est. 83 mil.) creates many business opportunities.

Spain is the country of possibilities

  • Healthy and stable economy
  • Governmental funds pushing industries
  • A worldwide top player in many industries
  • Spain’s close relation to the South American (Latin) markets
  • Emerging industries within the country

Investments done right

Investing in a foreign country can be done better with the right partners to guide and consult. We use our experience and skills to put our clients in the best possible position.

Investment planning

Tailor-made investment plans created to add value to your investment by using all available information and know-how for better decision making.

In-depth analyses

Comprehensive benchmark and market analyses incl. Information about governmental and regional grants, programs and funds.

Industry knowledge

Advice on general and industry-specific framework conditions in Spain, with insights to clarify potential business and investment opportunities.

Government advantages

Learn what the Spanish government offers foreign investors in its pursuit to promoted its industries and push the economy to the next level.

Assistance in general

Investments can often require general knowledge of the country or area where the business is conducted. The context can help in many aspects.

Assistance in general

While conducting business in Spain many have needs for personal services to handle daily, and other, matters. We handle this to.

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Key industries in Spain


Spain is one of the world’s top locations for aerospace activities, featuring an excellent test market with access to 100 years of tradition.

Life Science

Spain holds exceptional business opportunities for the fast growing life science industry. Continues growth is stimulated by governmental support.

Chemical Sector

One of Spain’s strongest industries that benefits from natural resources and a world class infrastructure with worldwide reach. 


Big Data, Cybersecurity, Fintech, IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Ultra-fast networks Spain has it all.  The best circumstances for new tech business.


Spain is one of Europe’s leading manufacture of industrial vehicles and second largest of commercial. An industry with enormous potential.


The tourism industry is the biggest contributor to Spain’s worldwide reputation – and 85 million tourist offers plenty of business opportunities.


How can we help your business?

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